I'm Gabe (Gabrielle), I have 18 and I'm from Brazil. If you are on my tumblr is because you know about District3 so congrats, you found out about these amazing three mates! But unfortunately they broke up and I don't post more here cause it's just too painful. Please, don't forget about or give up on them. If you want follow me on my personal tumblr and tell me you're from here that I'll for sure follow you back. Once a 3eek, always a 3eek! :)
be my runaway

I miss here, I miss this fandom, I miss District3, I miss the boys, I miss everything about it :(

"Thank you for the memories!" - R.I.P. GMD3/District3 (2010-2013) 


School Tour » Greenwood Academy

'Rock In Rio' Round 2 todayyyyyyyyyyy

Phillip Phillips, John Mayer and Bruce Sprigsteen, I’m on my way! :)

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It’s my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

And now I’m feeling old! :(

But I’ll live cause today I’m going to Rock In Rio (aka The Offspring, 30 Seconds To Mars, Florence + The Machine and Muse concert yay)

I miss having time to edit and post here, university is sucking the life out of me and I’m really REALLY sorry :(

My DAD asked me if we can go to the cinema watch “One Direction 3D - This Is Us” cause he really wants to see this!

He is such a sweetheart <3

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Hey can you recommend me some district 3 blogs please?

Of course! Here you go: gregwst3eeks-cornermicky-parsonsdowndanslane3eeksofficialcrazy4district3, these are just a few. You can see more on the district3 tag :)

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